Cupcake Love?

Only appropriate to this blog that I show you a great little cupcake place I found in Austin, TX this week! Hey Cupcake on Congress Avenue. Sadly, it was closed (as are most cupcake places on Mondays) but now I know where to go when the cupcake craving hits again!

If there is a great cupcake bakery in your town, please let me know! I crave cupcakes as much as I do Mexican food, and I would love to visit your favorite place and put it on the blog! And if you are ever in Dallas, I recommend cupcakes from Society Bakery. Though the new LA based Sprinkles cupcake shop is all the over-priced rage in Dallas right now, they don't have anything on Society Bakery who makes the best red velvet cupcake in the world!!! Ellen DeGeneres named it one of the top ten cupcakes in America! It is an amazing little place.

Check back later for my thoughts on Easter. Until then, enjoy a beautiful day and be filled with joy. And maybe a cupcake!