Nuggets of Wisdom

Did I really just use the word "nuggets" in my title?
Three things I have heard this week that I like.

Our manager wrote to console us after we received two relatively scathing reviews from Christian magazines. He said this,"If you believe the good, you have to believe the bad, so it's better not to listen to either." I love this. I would love to relish in all the good things I am hearing right now about myself, the band, and our music. Who doesn't want to hear compliments? Bring them on! But if I hold on to the good then I will also hold on to the bad. And I am a total girl who has worked really hard on this album and dedicated the last six years of my life to what I do, so I do not want to hear bad things! So in this case, I cannot hold on to either.

Decide ahead of time what you think and feel about your final product and then do not rely on the positive or negative feedback from anyone else. Brilliant.

(This is not to say do not listen to others. We had a lot of feedback, both positive and negative in this process. But now we are done and satisfied with what we've done. So end of discussion, like it or leave it.)

Don't sit in your office chair too long. A girl on the road with us this week convinced me that her butt has hugely expanded because of sitting in her office chair too long. We contemplated this for a while and I think it might be true. If you are constantly smushing and flattening out your butt by sitting on it, the odds are, at the end of the year your behind isn't going to be looking perky. No apple bottom for you. Just a smushy, mushy mess. I recommend sitting on a work-out ball instead.

At one of the radio interviews this week we met a former artist who traveled forever and was very successful. When he was talking to us, out of no where he said, "you guys have fun...if I could do it all over again I would go back and be less serious and have more fun." Perfect. Sometimes I am too serious. Sometimes we take life, child raising, relationships, etc. a little too seriously. As if I could have more fun, I have decided to be a little less serious...I am going to have more fun.

And finally...nuggets of wisdom from a few of my friends in the band.

Trav,"Old Spice deodorant is not reliable. After five months, it has lost its luster."

Ryan G., "If you are going to pee in a moving bus, sit down."

My husband, after his hard drive fried up this week, "Always buy Apple care and Apple pro. These are not optional."

Words to live by.