When He walked the earth, Jesus said to an unwell man, “Do you want to be made well?” His invitation stretched beyond physical healing—He sought to restore the soul. The same invitation stands for us today. At some point in all of our lives we need healing. But the things is: healing doesn’t always happen in the ways I think it will. Broken things aren’t always put back together the way I envisioned. And most of the time, healing doesn’t happen instantly, over night. It’s no quick fix. It’s a slow dance. We are made well in the ebb and flow of everyday, ordinary moments.  

Made Well is my story but I wrote it for every person who needs to be reminded that healing happens all the time, even if a cure doesn’t. I passionately believe in the message of this book. I pray it is a small reminder on your journey that we are loved by a God who longs to see us made well. We were created for wholeness. 



Through this collection of vulnerable and hopeful stories, she teaches us wholeness waits along rugged roads we never thought we would travel. Speaking to those walking through dark seasons of pain, Jenny offers a healing balm that isn’t found by traipsing the world, but in the simplicity of sacred moments among ordinary lives. Healing is a long, hard road. I am grateful for Jenny’s writing that acknowledges this truth while also being steeped in the nearness of Jesus. Life-giving hope whispers from these pages.
—Margaret Feinberg, author of Fight Back With Joy and Wonderstruck


"I’m a champion for helping people find a redemptive purpose in their pain and for helping them take ownership of the broken things within us and around us. Jenny’s authentic words will amplify hope that being made well is possible- in more ways than you might’ve realized- and it’s happening all around you every day. You can find wholeness in the ordinary sacred moments, if you will take time to notice. This book will show you the way and remind you of God's abiding love."
—Mike Foster, author, pastor, founder at People of the Second Chance


Two things about Made Well deeply resonate with me: vulnerability and hope. Jenny Simmons writes with disarming honesty about the path towards healing in the midst of suffering. We often pray for God to fix our broken situations and heal our bodies, but what happens when those prayers aren’t answered in the ways we thought they would be? This book explores the surprising and unexpected ways God faithfully meets us in our brokenness and leads us towards wholeness. Laced with humorous confession and abounding grace, this story looks a lot like hope. If you need a companion on the road to being made well, start here. This book is a balm for the weary. 
—Rev. Eugene Cho, Pastor, Humanitarian and Author of Overrated


"Jenny Simmons' Made Well simply gushes grace. Alternately heartbreaking, funny, raw-but most of all unbearably human-I can't recall reading a more authentic book on spirituality. Simmons' ease in her own skin and command of her craft combine to make a book that is as substantive as it is tender. Real life, hard-edged truth crackles on every page. Made Well is a work of tremendous soul, a book that, like its author, sings. I can't recommend it highly enough.” 
—Jonathan Martin, author of How to Survive a Shipwreck and Prototype


The first time I met Jenny Simmons I was drawn to her honesty and self-awareness. In a world where so many of us struggle to put ourselves out there, Jenny is a breath of fresh air. She's not afraid to share the hard parts of her life and her journey of healing. For anyone that hasn’t experienced an overnight miracle, this book is for you. Being made well doesn’t come without a cost, but these brave stories will breathe hope into your journey and inspire you to keep pressing forward.
—Lindsey Nobles, COO & Chief Strategist, IF:Gathering


"Carrying her words as only a poet would, Jenny Simmons stands at the mic in her emotional skivvies and sings the miracle of belief, where if we dare to wake up, God’s love and power have never been clearer. Made Well offers the courage to lean into the ordinary – friendship, therapy, laundry, tacos – and see it as wholly belonging to our Father. Often, the sea is parted through the daily crumbs of a life spent longing. Emmanuel finds us here, in yesterday’s yoga pants with pancake batter in our hair and, as Jenny says, “transforms our holes”. This book is a necessary reminder that there is no such thing as ordinary healing.”
-Shannan Martin author of Falling Free


"When I was growing up and I skinned my knee, my mom would kiss it and put a bandaid on it.  Unfortunately, this is the same approach I continued to use every time I would get wounded in life. What Jenny has done in Made Well is not shame the reader into acknowledging that healing takes more than a kiss and a bandaid, but she has literally guided the reader into a safe space where healing can ACTUALLY happen. This book is a gift to those in need of healing."
—Carlos Whittaker,  Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur


Jenny is my kindred-spirit. The type of kindred-spirit who keeps you close to the truth of who God is whether you’re in the depths of inconsolable grief or basking in a glorious victory. In her book Made Well: Finding Wholeness in the Everyday Sacred Moments, she will become your kindred too. Through her honesty and relentless pursuit of healing, Jenny will challenge and inspire you to find freedom through a soul made well.
—Trisha Davis Co-founder of RefineUs Ministries and Hope City Church and author of Beyond Ordinary


What happens when the pain gets worse, the days get harder, and healing doesn’t come the way we expected? Oftentimes faith is reduced to a try harder and do more mantra we chant when the world seems dark or painful or so full of death and brokenness, we can’t imagine hope would survive.  This book is for those of us who feel a little too broken, a little too messy, a little too unwell. Sometimes in the disappointments, the questions, the crushing ache, we find God was there with us all along. Jenny Simmons’ redemptive story offers a simple invitation to look at wholeness and healing as something that is intrinsically linked to the sacred ordinary, a work God is already doing in the places we least expect it.”
—Alia Joy, Writer, AliaJoy.com


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