Oh My Goodness.


Where do I even start?
First let me apologize for not writing in an entire week! Bad blogger! Bad blogger! I have had my hands slapped and I will try not to let it happen again.

Next of all let me say a big thank you to everyone…you guys have supported our album’s release this week in such an overwhelmingly amazing way (and this includes all our moms who bought every album off the shelves at Wal-Mart and all the Christian bookstores yesterday!). Thank you is not enough to tell you how much gratitude and love your support has filled me with. We are blessed to have the greatest families, friends, home churches, and fans. One time in this blog I said that I was so happy I just wanted to give the world a big hug. And I literally meant it, I wanted to stand outside the world and grab it in my arms and hug it. That’s how I feel today. Consider yourselves all officially hugged by me. Jenny has hugged the world today.

Which brings me to my favorite moment on the road this week. A little three-year-old girl named Ashley came up to me today after the show. Her curly blond hair and bright blue eyes just barely popped over the edge of the autograph table and she leaned in and said in the most certain and confident voice, “Mrs. Addison. I love you.” Precious. She melted everyones heart. I went around and gave her a hug and told her that was the first time I had heard “I love you” today and how special it was to me that she felt that. Kids. You just can’t beat their honesty and raw passion and love, they have a way of making us explode with joy.

We are on a tour bus.
Our first time ever and it is pretty fun. Our friends in Mercy Me are letting us borrow it for the week as a little gift! So last night I got all settled into my bed, which I have entitled, Jenny’s Cave of Wonders. It is like a bat cave. Pitch black. Incredibly cold. A million pillows and down comforters and our own private DVD screens and wireless internet in our beds. And most importantly…really, seriously, it’s pitch black. Your eyes get adjusted and still, all you see is a great abyss. This is the way I like to sleep. I have cute little girly things in my bunk and we have all agreed that this is like perpetual summer camp. We are professional campers. (Camping rule #1: no #2 in the bus bathroom. And as the one girl, um, yes…I appreciate this)

Album Debut
As the album debuted yesterday we were drowning in Dallas. I am not exaggerating this time. I mean literally getting to one road, realizing it was completely flooded and then trying to find somewhere else to drive. Water, hail, and more water everywhere you turned. The park next to my house…I wish I could show you. It wasn’t there. The water kidnapped it. It was actually pretty scary. Sometimes people will ask which form of death you dread the most. And just in case you are wondering, mine all involve water.

So as the rains came down…we tried to avoid the rainy weather and celebrate at one of our favorite radio stations, 89.7 Power FM. We showed up for the interview with cake, party hats, and party favors (including bouncy balls that looked like eyeballs, whoopee cushions, and of course, free CDS). It was fun to celebrate our big day with them!

Switching Gears
On a completely different note, I have received so much feedback from the recent post about visiting the nursing home. So much praise and adoration and recognition has been pouring in from you guys, and thank you! I appreciate all the love! But really, you would have done the same thing. I trust you would have. Because we are all humans shaped after a loving God and like the movie, Love Actually, says in the beginning…this world is really more full of love and kindness than anything else. I love what Hugh Grant says. Something about when the twin towers were falling, people were not making calls of hate in their last moments, but calls of love.

When the moments are presented we have the chance to show our better parts, the substance inside of us that consists of Holiness…we almost always chose to do so. Like going to the nursing home the other night. The hard thing is choosing to live selflessly, guided by Holiness when the moments are not just handed to us. There are ten nursing homes within five miles of my house, I have a heart for the elderly, and I am generally home two days a week when I could use my time to go and make regular visits. But still…I find myself at Starbucks. One opportunity was given to me; the other is waiting for me. There is a huge difference.

So may we be people who not only embrace the opportunities given to us, but also seek out the opportunities that are hiding and do not have the means to present themselves to us so easily. Right?

I will write more about our crazy journeys later! Here’s hoping you are enjoying a great week!