Dallas Diva Day!

Join Jenny Simmons, lead singer of Addison Road and author of the blog JennySimmons.com, for an ultimate Diva Day in Dallas, TX!

This package includes roundtrip airfare to Dallas to spend the day with Jenny shopping, eating, talking and being completely pampered. Starting with a professional make-up application from Jenny's favorite local make-up artist and then heading out for pedicures- you ladies will have plenty of girl time together! The package also includes a $100 gift card to Jen's favorite store, Forever 21. She will be your personal shopper as you spunk up your fall wardrobe!

And what day is complete without mexican food and Sprinkles Cupcakes? If you have always wanted to spend the day with the lead singer from Addison Road and you are ready for a new wardrobe... this is the ultimate package for you!

"My dream job is to be a professional shopper, friend, and food critic! Dallas Diva Day is basically every one of my favorite things in the world and I can't wait to share that with a fan to support Porter's Call, a counseling ministry that has literally saved my marriage and ministry time and time again!"


This LINK to the Auction will be LIVE 09/11!

100% of the proceeds will be donated to Porter’s Call

CLICK HERE to read what Brandon Heath, Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman and many other Christian Artist’s have to say about Porter’s Call


I Love the Netherlands

Cupcakes in Amsterdam? Yes! Amazing cupcakes made by Dan the Cookie Man. If you are ever in the area, you must track down this quaint little cupcake and cookie oasis for the fluffiest butter cream frosting in the world! If you read this Dan... so nice to meet you. Thanks for the great little cupcake.

Walking the streets of Amsterdam.

Cafe picture. One of about ten thousand cafes. And every cafe serves beer. And they are not kidding around in this place. People are drinking the beer by about, um, 10 a.m. I opted out of beer and went straight for the little tiny dutch apple pancakes. The best little things I have ever eaten.

Traffic Jam?

Twice a year the city shuts down one of the canals, builds a huge stage on the water, and puts on a free concert by the Amsterdam Symphony and Orchestra. We just happened to be in town on that one Saturday night. Amazing timing. All the boats jam in for an up close encounter and the rest of the concert-goers pack in the streets and sidewalks with blankets, wine, cheese, and pastries. When the music started everyone was quiet. Respectful. When the concert was over I don't think I saw any litter anywhere. And I never once felt like I might get killed by a thug. Quite the different experience than a big, free, city-wide Dallas event. It was a perfect night.

My brother-n-law Riley and his fiance Claire met us for a few days. Claire is currently serving with the Peace Corp in Ukraine, just had her first article published in the Wall Street Journal, and loves Mexican food as much as I do. I'm not sure about Riley, but Claire and I were made for each other! And yes, those are tortilla chips. And yes, we did find amazing Mexican food in Amsterdam.


The best festival we have ever played at! Thank you so much Flevo Festival for having us as your guests. These pics were taken by Henk-Jan van der Klis... thanks so much for the amazing photos.

We had such a wonderful time with our new Dutch friends! Seriously these are fun-loving, music-loving, genuinely lovely people and we were so glad to make new friends and fans. There are thoughts and stories to come, but for now, hope you enjoy the pics. I cannot wait to get home and see my little squirrel... only ten more hours.

Cupcake Love?

Only appropriate to this blog that I show you a great little cupcake place I found in Austin, TX this week! Hey Cupcake on Congress Avenue. Sadly, it was closed (as are most cupcake places on Mondays) but now I know where to go when the cupcake craving hits again!

If there is a great cupcake bakery in your town, please let me know! I crave cupcakes as much as I do Mexican food, and I would love to visit your favorite place and put it on the blog! And if you are ever in Dallas, I recommend cupcakes from Society Bakery. Though the new LA based Sprinkles cupcake shop is all the over-priced rage in Dallas right now, they don't have anything on Society Bakery who makes the best red velvet cupcake in the world!!! Ellen DeGeneres named it one of the top ten cupcakes in America! It is an amazing little place.

Check back later for my thoughts on Easter. Until then, enjoy a beautiful day and be filled with joy. And maybe a cupcake!