Hello. I have been working on a series of blogs for next week.

Yes. Preparation.
Yes. Forethought. Is that a word?
Yes. Brilliance in the making.
I know, the anticipation is overwhelming you as I write this.
We are in Houston this weekend doing our first Planet Wisdom Weekend for the spring! I love being here because they feed us Mexican food. I would love it more if I could wear my Tony Romo jersey all weekend in anticipation of the big game. I would love it even more if my head didn't feel like it was about to explode.
I told you last week that Ryan had some sort of deadly disease and was "man sick." I thought I had avoided this and perhaps taunted him, and everyone else in the family, for having a stalwart immune system; but I was wrong. It was just in hibernation.
I feel awful this morning. Of course, on my first real day "back to work." That is how my body treats me and repays me when I am so good to it? Vitamins, flu shot, cardio blasts, food pyramid, nasty whole grain pasta instead of amazing white pasta, turkey meat instead of cow on my hamburger, and a chemical free, hormone free, whatever else free diet??? And it waits until the moment I have to actually exert myself to attack me. I am mad at my body today. We are fighting. We are not friends. I have already told it so. To not talk to me today because I am mad at it.
So I am fighting the chills and this awful body ache and preparing to be on stage all night for 2,000 people; and I am finding it hard to write anything coherent! Perfect day to start our guest blogs.
Our first blogger is not only a self professed music junkie, but she is one of our biggest fans, and I love her! So enjoy the blog....