Guest Blogger: McKenzie Wolf Occupation: High School Senior From: Plano, TX

Do you ever have a song that is perpetually stuck in your head? You hear it all day in your head, then you get home and just have to listen to it, hoping it will remedy the continuous replay going on. But alas, two hours later you are still singing it. This is a common ailment of mine considering I’m what my friends call a “music junkie”. Most recently the song has been “Ten Thousand Angels” by Caedmon’s Call (incredible stuff by the way), but that’s another story.

I remember one that lasted an obscenely long time. It was a song called “The Greatest of These (A Little Love)” by Between The Trees. The chorus would just pop into my head throughout the day and I would be stuck on it for hours at a time. I remember the first time I heard the song, I loved the words, but the chorus always stuck out to me:

“A little love, a little love is all it takes
A little love, a little love it's never too late
A little love, a little love and faith”

These words led me to a realization of how truly broken this world is. Globally, yes, we have war, epidemic, poverty, and chaos. But it goes deeper than war. It starts in people. It’s in the hearts of people where brokenness can cause more damage than war or disease. Today, people are giving up on their dreams, giving up on love, losing hope. They are suffering from a broken soul with no healing in sight. They dwell on the past, looking for a rewind button that doesn't exist. They've already lost hope in today, so they dread tomorrow. Somewhere tonight someone is carving into their arms looking for some relief from the pain. Someone is starving themselves because they feel ugly and unworthy. Someone is drowning themselves in the bottle hoping to suppress the memories of a troubled past. Yes, there are problems in this world, but in order to solve those problems the people must first be healed. The hearts of people must be put back together. There’s only one cure: LOVE. God's love can heal all, but we also must learn to love. Write love on the arms of the depressed. Love those who have deemed themselves unworthy of love. Alone we can accomplish nothing. We can win no battle. But together with love we can slay the giants of our broken hearts. It is because of love that I dare to dream. It is because of love that I have hope. Love is the cure. Love is the hope. Love is the dream.

Lately, different words have been popping into my head. My own words. Words I hope to take to heart and words I hope others will take to theirs. We could change the world. Love never fails.

“Love is our mission, our goal
It’s a movement
Love has a soul
Where we fall
And where we fail
Love is there to conquer all”

In Him,