2,000 McDonald's will soon be opening up actual coffee bars with baristas and everything in their stores!

ATTENTION OBESE AMERICA: do not fall for this. Gross. Now you can get a double quarter pounder, or my favorite, a double fillet-o-fish (yep, extra layer of tartar sauce, extra piece of cheese, and two fried foods stacked on top of each other) with a super sized french fry and a 600 calorie, 36 grams of sugar, ultra carby frappacino??? Seriously? Just check into the hospital or sign yourself up for fat camp.

Skinny or overweight...McDonald's is processed food loaded with unnatural chemicals and fatty hygdronated is poison! Did anyone see the movie SuperSize Me? It scared me to death. Just saying, if you opt for trying the new MickyD's coffee bar, do your body a favor, skip the egg McMuffin, McRibs, or the deep fried french fries loaded with additives and addictive chemicals purposely injected into them to make you crave them, like the stuff in cigarettes, and just stick to the coffee!

In other news, yes, 60 Minutes is an actual TV show, I saw it this week...and while the broadcasters look like they might die during any given interview it was the most interesting show I have seen since Sesame Street or Discovery Channels newest reality show, Deadliest Catch. Did you know that the guy that made face book is 23 years old and worth billions, yes, billions of dollars? That there are 400 employees that work for Facebook in what looks like the coolest work environment since Apple? Free food, free gym, people riding bikes through the hallways, and a recording studio where workers go to have jam sessions when they need a break??? This gave me hope that maybe I could have a real job.

What about blue fin tuna? There are like thousands and thousands of these fish caught everyday and shipped to a huge fish market somewhere in Japan where people will come and stick their hands in the fish guts, smell it, look at it, even massage it and talk to the fish, and then bid on it and pay up to $20,000 for a fish to make into gourmet sushi. I had no idea. These are the things you can learn on 60 minutes. This is news to me.

Other News: Craig's list. You can get a pet cat or can sell your soul to the devil on this site. I have recently been on this FREE and very resourceful site trying to sell a few things and searching for random jobs to bring in some extra money. Today I got my first job. I will be an assistant at a corporate Team Building, Olympic style, play day tomorrow. There will be ice sculpting and I will have to be dressed in black...that is all I know. Did I really just sign up for this? It's like an episode of The Office. And I am a judge. It's easy money, but suspiciously, too easy. A bunch of adults who probably don't like their jobs anyways having to play team games with other adults who they probably think are weird, and I am their coach??? Ice sculpting??? Hiring a stranger over the internet? This is all news to me. I feel like I am from the era of the great depression, because I am suspicious of it all.

In other news, tomorrow is Appreciate a Dragon Day. Hmmm. I'm not even going to go there. The fact that there is someone, or worse, several someones who pushed for this to be a holiday is frightening. Appreciate a flower day? Or a puppy, river, mountain, giraffe, a favorite sweater or an old song, a Jim Henson Muppet character or even appreciate a ghost day; I could maybe handle all these....but a dragon? This only proves that their are some weird people in this world....and that, is not news to me.

In a final bit of news...I will be putting up "guest" blogs on this site starting Friday and I think you guys will love them! You can expect to see a few guest blogs each month on Fridays. It's not too late to write something short, long, sad, funny, deep, or random and share it with the world. Just email me your "blog" along with a picture of yourself and some basic where you are from, age, and political affiliation. Just kidding about that last one. Please don't.

I sang at an old man's funeral a few weeks ago. It was a privilege. He was a Veteran and I got to sing Amazing Grace at the incredibly beautiful VA cemetery in Dallas, TX. My mom loved Jack, the man that passed away, everyone did because he had constant joy, and as she closed the sermon up at his funeral she said..."If Jack were here today he would think it was beautiful, he would not want us to hurt, he would see the good, and he would say to us...Happy Thursday." Or something like that. And the funeral was over on that note. Jack says Happy Thursday.

Jack always said that, no matter what trial he faced...Happy Sunday. Happy Monday...

And news flash... Happy Tuesday. It might be a tough day for you. Or maybe it is just a normal day. Either way, immense joy can be found in it. So in the midst of all the frivolous news you have heard today, be reminded that there is a great well of joy to be had in your life. Happy Tuesday.