Tears of Joy? I wish.

Sad week in Cowboy Nation. Any Cowboy officials out there or someone who can talk to Jerry Jones for me? Please keep Gregg Ellis and Flozell Adams around! 10 years and no playoff wins for these two guys? They deserve one season where they win a playoff game, and next year, if we nail down the coaching staff, is going to be their year. Don't get rid of them yet, please!

We seemed to lack a tiny bit of passion in the second half of the game, and that is the understatement of the year, and while it was beautiful to watch TO stick up for his quarterback and teammates through a stream of tears after the loss; tears of joy would have been much better.

But let's be honest. I am from Mississippi. So is Brett Favre who was born in Gulfport , Mississippi and went to the same college as my mom, Southern Miss. He is the comeback king of 2007, the underdog, the hero. 38 years old and the man is as fast and smart as ever. He is in top athletic shape, he commands the field with quick decisions and his own play calling, leads the team on and off the field, and he is still as cute as ever!!! Next week I predict the NY Giants will be killed up in snowy Greenbay (35-10) and Brett Favre will get to go back to the Superbowl...it would have been hard to pick Tony Romo and my team over a classic. Tony Romo is young, he still has time, right? So I might be a traitor, but, Brett Favre? He is classic. I just want to see him go out with a bang. And just so you know, one of the things that makes it into my "100 things I want to do before I die" list is going to a game at Lambeau Field during a snowy blizzard with a HUGE piece of cheese on my head.

If you're not into football...watch the game this weekend for just a few minutes and follow the guy in green and yellow with the number 4 on his back...he's sort of a legend!

And until next year Cowboys fans...keep your heads up, the draft begins soon, and next year is going to be our year!