The Lemon Drop

Well friends, if you get my blog via email, I'm sorry. Prepare yourself for an influx. Only because I have grandparents watching Annie today and if I don't get these memories out quick they will be dated or I will forget or there is always the possibility that I'll kick the bucket before then. You never know.
Speaking of kicking the bucket...
(OK, I did that just to make you smile Merita...)
I have a friend named Merita. She reads the blog. That's how we became friends. Last year, she showed up during Annie's first birthday with her friend Katie and birthday presents. We talked and I fell in love with her. We emailed some, and then, during release week of our new album, she came to a show with a bouquet of cupcakes. My kind of woman. We had dinner together, and OK, even though she has kids my age, I thought, "well she's just the loveliest friend in the world."
Merita, "mamma king," she lights up a room. She's the kind of person you really want to be your friend.
She emailed me a few weeks ago. It took me a few minutes reading through the jumbled string of emotions and sporadic thoughts to figure out what she was saying. Her husband of 32 years- Joe- unexpectedly, out of nowhere, died the day before at their home... she was writing me, listening to Hope Now, going through his drawers, making funeral plans.
I got her email while I was in the van with the guys. I was literally crying my eyes out in the front seat like my own dad had died. She said she just needed to write, just needed to get the feelings out there, and she thanked me for listening. For being that silent friend on the other end that you can just let your words and jumbled emotions fall onto.
I guess I'm telling you all of this for myself.
The day will come when I don't do music anymore. Heck- could be sooner than later! We've only sold 10,000 albums... not necessarily hitting it big time, you know? But at the end of music, at the end of whatever job I take up next (I'm hoping for a cupcake-coffee shop- library-yoga house where I get to host my own book circles and play dates and old people days and then fashion hour and then just therapy sessions)...
my life makes sense because I get to be a part of someone else's life. I get to do life with other people.
True soul vacation happens when we encounter each other and make the effort to live life together.
It's the greatest thing I can do with my days on earth.
Accept the invitation of another. Let others in.
Merita came to the show this week a day after what would have been her and Joe's 32nd wedding anniversary. She brought presents. Pond's face wipes and cute make-up for me. Colors and books and animals for Annie. Cookies for the guys. Katie came too. She brought presents too. Silly friends.
Merita brought smiles. Humor. Honesty. Friendship. And yes, grief. She laid it on the table... and she let me be her friend and all I could think was....
God- life is great.
I hope I waste every single minute of my life making friends like Merita.
I love you sweet friend. I hope I weather the storms of life with as much grace, honesty, joy, and humor as you have. Thank you for being my friend.
So, here are some pics from our field trip to the Lemon Drop in Anderson, Indiana.
And shame on you Indiana. I've never met so many blurkers in my life!
You were all so, so sweet! I'm sure you should leave a comment sometime!
Yes, you should.
In fact, if you are from Indiana, please leave a comment today.
This is official Indiana comment day!!
And tell me you've eaten at the lemon drop!!!
Seriously, old school heaven.

They actually have a bowl of lemon drops at the counter. We only found this place because their sign made us laugh so hard that we HAD to stop and take a picture.

Best strawberry milkshake I've had in the country. End of discussion.

My friend Merita double fisting it.
Shame on us.
Onion rings and fries and milkshakes!???!
You are a bad influence on me :)