Soul Vacation- Part Two


Sometimes it's so little. The things that keep our souls alive.

For me, it's taking pictures. Not because I am a great photographer. I'm not. (In fact, I'm ashamed to say I still haven't used the new camera Ryan bought me because the iPhone happens to always be in my hand.)
But taking a picture, a frivolous, un-important, may never see the light of day picture of a cloud or a grasshopper or a flower or a little girl who grows light years every single time I turn back to look at her... taking these pictures reminds me that I am free.
I am free to take a picture of a flower.
I am free to waste my time looking at fields of brush and weeds.
I am free to let my daughter nap in her stroller while I lay next to her in a damp field in Indiana getting my jeans dirty, looking at clouds, listening to the birds and wind.
I am free.
I am free to diddle daddle or piddle paddle or widdle waddle with this or that.
I am free to breathe. To slow down. To dawdle. To not have a single thought in my head or care on my plate.
I am free to do a whole lot of nothing which adds up to everything.
The freedom to do nothing means you have everything.
Today, I'm grateful for that.
So with that, here are a few pictures from a place called Soul Vacation...
or Anderson, Indiana.