Read Blog Below First!

1. My teeth. Two wisdom teeth pulled in the 8th grade. But they look like woolly mammoth teeth. They're a scientific wonder. These will pull in big bucks with the tooth fairy one day. 
2. My old Bible study notes and devotional books. Who knows. I could've had a brilliant inspiration as a child? What if I need to refer to my old notes? 
3. The top left picture is a note that I wrote to my friend Angela in the second grade after I moved to Texas. Lots of misspelled words, cute handwriting, and a revelation that my second grade boyfriend had given me a necklace. 
4. The little plaque was one of the few trophies from high school. Runner up. Got to hang on to the few victories. It was for improvisational prose. I don't even know what that means.
5. There's a silver dollar in there. I got it in 99 as a high school graduation gift. Do these accrue value or something? Is it tacky just to drop it at my next Starbucks visit? Do you need a silver dollar? 
6. Finally. I'm the girl on the newspaper clipping. That's back in the day when I was a cheerleader, wore a size zero, and had no idea that being hoisted into the air by other small girls was tragically dangerous. Still, I made it in the paper. The article next to it is something I wrote for the school paper. I took it seriously. I saved all my articles. It's the one thing I felt good at. I was convinced I would be a hungry,investigative journalist. I made my first paper when I was five years old.  So to be in a real paper... well, that was a dream come true. It was like being Nancy Drew, but better. 
And that's the short list. But it represents all the main categories. Trash or treasure? I have no clue.