Moving Day

The Last 48 Hours...
After writing the 6:08 a.m. blog I sat in the rocking chair and prayed. I told God I didn't know what to pray for except maybe a really, really clear sign of whether we should move or not. I was exhausted, went to bed, and I woke up just needing a long, hot shower...
There wasn't a drop of hot water. In the entire house. 
We have been losing our hot water for the last three months. Enough is enough. That was my sign. Can't a girl just bathe in peace???  Ryan and I headed up to the church and met our good friends from Planet Wisdom. After lunch one of my friends offered to take me apartment hunting. We had three hours to find a place and sign the lease. I fell in love with the very first place but it was too expensive. Three apartments later and thirty minutes before everything shut down and our time ran out I went back to the first place and said,"Please, what can we do to live here?!?)
They made our first months rent $200 and the monthly rent exactly what we could afford to pay. And, we no longer have a third floor apartment, but a first floor! And, we live two streets away from the Dallas Cowboys training facility! And right next to a new, adorable city library and water park for kids, walking trails, a canal, and five minutes away from our church (verses 20). 
My amazing sister and the guys in the band and their wives showed up yesterday morning and took our complete apartment and packed it up in four hours. Four hours! Our pastor hired a moving company to come this morning and get all the furniture and by this afternoon we will be in our new home... 
Other Amazing Things that have happened...

PRS guitars is hooking us up with all the guitars we need for the upcoming Rock and Worship Tour. 
One of the head guys for Monster Cables just happened to be at the Planet Wisdom Conference this weekend and overheard that we had lost everything. On the spot he said that their company would replace all of our cables for us! 
A man from our church (who, PS, has really fallen into the community way of living after being radically changed by God after reading the book Irrissitble Revolution by Shane Claiborne) called immediately and said that he could help us replace band equipment until the insurance money comes in. And Saturday afternoon he handed us a check for $15,000. Another lady has offered to do the same. 
My dad just happened to be in town this weekend for military work and changed his flight, spent the night on my couch, and is playing commando now as our chief executive mover in charge! 
And my sister bought me a cupcake. Flowers. My best friend Kim brought me lotion and new lip gloss, which makes everything better. And she stalked the house with food and drinks for the people coming to help us.  And then they both sat in bed with me when I hit the wall yesterday and couldn't stop crying. 
Long Way
There is a long way to go and a ton of work to be done and money to be recovered. God has surrounded us with love, support, and endurance. His way is beautiful, even though it is very hard. 
Thank you so much for your prayers and words of encouragement and everything you have offered up. Several of you have asked if you can help financially. Ryan and I are figuring all of that out right now from a personal standpoint and from a band standpoint... it's like trying to figure out who is bleeding more! If that is something you are interested in, please e-mail me personally. 
Here's to a new day....