Inauguration Day

I am experiencing this historic moment in the DFW airport waiting to catch my flight to Nashville. Many of us are watching and waiting as people from all over the world celebrate along side America in this truly amazing day.

Maybe you are over it. I get that. It's been a long year of politics, sometimes nasty politics, and you might be ready to move on already. Don't be so fast. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, nothing, or something in between...relish what's happening today.

Two million people are watching first hand as President Obama is sworn into office and millions more are watching from schools, homes, businesses, and from remote places around the world. They are not watching planes crashing into towers or bombs dropping on Baghdad. They are not coming together to find bodies after a tsunami or earthquake. They are not joining together to revolt, kill, or hate. No, today millions and millions of people come together because of hope, progress, and passion. Because of love, peace, and democracy. Because of dreams fulfilled and hopes renewed.

Today we recognize that the infant American dream has grown up and suceeded. And that is a victory worth rejoicing over. I hope you have a few minutes to take in this special moment in history. Today is not historic because of one man. Today is special because hate does not triumph. Love and peace prevail. And the world needs some of that right now.

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