The Real Super Tuesday

8:35 pm on March 4th.

I just got back from my precinct's caucus vote.

Wow. I had no idea what a caucus was like. Neither did most of the people in the room. Time and time again I heard people say, "I've never done this before, this is amazing."I got there at 7:00pm and by 7:15 there were over 600 of us packed into a small gymnasium. Our secretary said that we had the largest precinct turn-out in Dallas. Pretty exciting. We all had our cell phones out taking pictures. You really felt like you were a voice and a tiny little part of history. It was really pretty special to be in that room. And everyone could feel it.

I live in an African-American neighborhood. I was one of three caucasians in the ENTIRE room. I have an idea now of what it feels like to be the "minority." Not only because I am white, but because I was seriously the only Hillary voter in the room. I was so terrified that the caucus would be the type where we each went to a corner of the room that represented our candidate and I would be all alone. I wondered if that happened if I would chicken out and quietly slip out the room? Or if they would all convince me to drop Hillary and come join their side? By the end of the tormenting 45 minute wait, I realized I was much like Judas...I probably could've been bought! Donned an Obama t-shirt and button and joined the celebration. My polling place was definitely an Obama victory.

I am not sure how much my political beliefs fall in line with Gov.Huckabee's, but I am sad to see him go tonight. What an eloquent and intelligent man with a great heart and obvious spirituality. I am happy that he took on the country with his small staff and great spirit.

Anyways...that is my political update. It was an honor to vote and to caucus alongside so many people, old and young, rich and poor, of every color, ethnicity, and background knowing that we were all there because we hope for a better future and believe change is possible. Whatever candidate we may have voted for.