Rain, Rain Go Away!

I am severely effected by the weather.

Yesterday it was cloudy, rainy, cold, and depressing. I hate that kind of weather, but mainly I hate the absence of sun. If winter does not get over soon, I might have to migrate south. Maybe Argentina. But yesterday I had to endure the weather and it got the best of me. I felt sad all day. Sluggish. Blah. And I think the weather was a bad luck omen for me.

I went to buy new bath soap at Target and as I was smelling different brands, the bottle slipped from my hands, I squeezed it in order to catch it, and I sniffed in a whole load of cucumber melon mint soap up my nose. It was dripping off my face. My nose was on fire. It got in my eyeballs and my ears. I let out a small yell and two employees came to help. Embarrassing. I had to sniff melons and mint all day. And to make it worse, the wind was constantly blowing so it was being pushed up my nose with an abnormal force. This effected my entire day (as I had to flare my right nostril all day and squint out of my right eyeball to see) and it was just the first of many things to go sorely wrong. Including buying a taco that was all lettuce and no meat, skidding across the highway in the snow, and crying for no reason through my entire girl's bible study so that my eyes were swollen and puffy feeling. All because, in my opinion, the sunshine was gone.

But today I woke up to the sun. The little birds chirping. And it was a good day. All around lovely little day. I finally got some girl scout cookies, which signifies the true beginning of spring(and my favorite kind of cookie is the Tagalong). I randomly ran into friends that I got to talk to at length about nothing particular or important, I began reading a book that I received from a fan (and new friend) this weekend, and I enjoyed a happy aura all day long.

So this is my petition to the weather: Don't be depressing! Please let the sunshine come back for good. At least in Texas, please???