Five Things You Don't Know About me

(San Francisco 07'. I love to travel.)

1. When I buy gas, I cannot just fill up the tank. It drives me crazy to have receipts that aren't whole numbers and in increments of five. So while my tank holds about $27 worth of gas (and this price is quickly climbing), I only get $25.00 on the dot. And if I mess up and accidentally get 24.99 or 25.01 it will bother me for a good 10 minutes!!!

2. When eating cornbread I fill my plate with ketchup and dip away. It's a rule. No ketchup? No cornbread. Other food oddities include dipping pickles into my mashed potatoes, peeling away all the unnecessary bread on sandwiches, and eating most foods mixed together in one big bite which I meticulously place on the fork, draw attention to, and then commence eating as the "perfect bite." Example: one green bean, mashed potatoes, piece of meat, squash casserole, and some ranch and gravy poured on top. That is a perfect bite.

3. I was in the 'No Cavity Club' until the sixth grade. Now, my new dentist says that I have thirteen and a half cavities. I think this is impossible as I am an avid flosser and NEVER drink soda. My theory? He just wants to fill cavities, and I cannot afford 13 cavities. So I am currently searching for a new dentist. 13 cavities? Is that possible?

4. I have never dissected an animal. It was all over with the owl pellets in 5th grade. I gag easily. So when it came to cutting up frogs and pigs I would gag so hard that my teachers would send me to the nurses office. I perfected this throughout my life to avoid anything gross.

5. I despise chatting in the bathroom, most especially while actually using the bathroom. There are stalls for a reason! So while you're doing your thing and I am doing mine, I'd rather not shoot the bull . Look, if you read this blog regularly you know that most of my ah-ha moments happen in the bathroom. This is unfortunate for you, the reader, because I feel like I talk about the bathroom all the time. But since this is such an important place for me and my thought life, I like to keep it private. So while I am smiling... I am awkwardly hating EVERY moment of having a conversation with you about God, your family, or your day so close to a toilet.

6. I have a lot more I'd like to tell you. I am forcing myself to stop at five. I talk entirely too much. But surely you knew this?