Citizen on Patrol (that's me)

Do Something!
Alright Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont...

Time to vote! March 4th. 7am-7pm.

Need I say again what a privilege and honor it is to vote? In a country where we do not have to fear being shot at while we enter the election booth, having a government coo or takeover in the aftermath of our political process, or where we must worry about "fixed" elections? Need I remind you how dear our freedom is? And how profound our democratic process is in the pantheon of all civilizations to ever exist?

It is important to vote this week. It is monumental. It is democracy in its most basic and beautiful form...the kind of stuff Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin would have reveled in. This Tuesday would make the founding fathers proud that they fought for a country and an ideology that paved the way for a black man, a white woman, and a Vietnam prisoner of war to all run for office in a land where people live in relative equality and prosperity. This is the kind of election their dreams were made of.


Deep in the Heart
If you are in Texas it is not enough just to vote! Vote and caucus! The caucus begins at 7:15 sharp, so please show up to your precinct location (you must vote and caucus at your precinct) no later than 7pm.

Don't know where to go? It's easy. Click on this link, have your drivers license number or VUID handy, and it will tell you where to go!

Our four states will determine the outcome of this election. That is huge. So do your homework; it's not too late to learn about the candidates, change your mind, or to become apart of this process! I encourage you to vote, not simply based on popularity, eloquence, or history...but on policy. Vote on substance. Not phenomenon.

Bottom line: Vote. How many times in the course of our lives will we have the chance to caucus when it actually counts and means something? Take advantage of this historic moment and be apart of the process. I look forward to recounting my first caucus experience with you guys on Wednesday! I feel like I am doing something exciting and important. This is just as much an experience for me as it is an American duty.

Alright. A little too much patriotic juice inside me today. You get the point. I don't want to be like that "one" person in your life who coyly guilts you into things by saying things like... how this election is one of the most important direction changes in history, how people all over the world depend on you to make a responsible decision because their livelihood is affected by our country and our new president, or what an honor, duty, and God given right it is to be able to vote, and how so many thousands of men and women have literally died painful deaths a million miles away from their homes and family to ensure your freedom, the freedom of our country, the freedom you exercise to vote on wouldn't want to make you feel guilty or anything like that...(this would be an appropriate place for a smiley face).

Happy Voting America!