Little Blob

So it is 80 degrees for the last two months straight, then my garage sale roles around, and what do you know? Snow.

For those of you Northerners reading this, you might not classify what we saw on Thanksgiving day as snow, but for us Texans, it might as well been a blizzard. 34 degrees, snow flurries that stick for an hour or so, and we are dressing like we might actually freeze into little icicles if any of our skin is exposed to the Northern winds. While the TV stations broke in for "special emergency weather reports" warning us to stay inside because of terrible ice possibilities, we were all being true southerners; rationing food, putting on extra layers of clothes, getting the blazing fire going, and hunkering down for a long winter.

Hey...we have to indulge what little winter fairy dreams we have.

Miserable day for a garage sale. And PS: nobody goes to a garage sale the day after Thanksgiving. It was a gamble I thought I would win, but it beat me; it seems the 4:00 am department store sales are way more alluring than my moms donated lava buns and my old junk. Nevertheless 6:30 am rolled around and I bundled up, got two little space heaters and pointed them directly on my face until it turned tight and wrinkly and I felt like I had botox and couldn't move anything around my eyes and lips, and decided not to sell the lava buns my mom gave me out of charity and kept it instead, making Ryan microwave it every hour or so, so I could stay nice and roasty toasty.

People would walk up, I would greet them, and they would literally look around wondering who had talked to them. It was me, the little blob wadded up in the corner in an immensely deep pile of blankets and layers with two tiny, sleepy eyeballs poking out.

I spent the whole day reading Pride and Prejudice and freezing to death. I have never read the book or seen the movie, once I get past the ladies crazy old school English writing style, it is actually a pretty saucy read. I sit outside until certain parts of my body are numb, and then I try to figure out how to get out of my marshmallow cocoon and get to the bathroom. And that was the most entertaining part of my day.

So thanks to all of you who emailed me and wished me well on my garage sale, and who actually offered to ship me things from other states! Do you love me that much, have too much junk in your house, or just feel really bad for me? Either way, thanks for the well wishes.

So...I write to you Sunday night, thawed out, 5 pounds heavier, $250 richer, and on the eve of my long awaited month off, yes, I have an entire month off...I am a happy girl tonight.