And the Winner Is...

Having the family all under one roof!
Then we have the food in second place, the football in third, and then for the brave souls, black Friday shopping in fourth place.
Thanks for voting everyone!

What did I vote for?

Well, I get to see my family a, I am a bit ashamed to say that my favorite part is waking up Thanksgiving morning to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, eating the big amazing meal comes in second place, and then capping off the perfect day with watching the Cowboys and falling in and out of turkey induced sleep wraps up my perfect day. There is just something about waking up that day, smelling turkey, hearing my grandpa or dad cooking in the kitchen, coming out to the living room in my pjs to watch everyone bundled up and freezing cold in New York and watching for the first sight of Santa. Then after eating, snuggling down on the couch to watch what is always a fun and spirited thanksgiving day game with an awesome half time show, and then sleep. Sweet nap time.

You can have a big meal anytime. In my family, you can get most of the family together a few times a year, but there is only one day where you can have food, family, AND a parade, amazing football, and a good, well-deserved nap.

Have you taken the time to think about some things you are grateful for this year? You should. My list is coming soon. It includes everything from Taco Express to answered prayers. It has been a joy to write and to reflect on the things that I am really grateful for this year.

Glad you guys took the time to looking for our next poll and make sure to get your friends and family to vote! See...I am just helping us all get ready for election year, practicing our voting skills early!

And later on today, check back for pictures. Turns out we had a hair and make-up crew come in this morning to get us ready for this video shoot and they have been working on me for the last 2 hours. I took before and after pictures so that everyone can see that ANYONE can look good when people work on you for that long!