3 Million Words

National Bundt Pan Day. Ladies, and fellas I suppose, whip out those Bundt Pans and make something real nice.

Also? National I love to Write Day and National Recycle Day. So be lean, green, and mean and dump those newspapers, magazines, and food boxes into a recycle bin today (note: if you have no idea where these are, try an elementary school, they always have them. For that matter, I guess you could check any school). And write something. Are you writer? If you are, then you are a lot further along in the process than me because you acknowledge that you are a writer, aspiring writer, want to be writer, or the likes. I just believe that I talk too much and instead of making my husband hear the 3 million words swirling around in my head every day, I chose to put them on-line for you to read. Does this make me a writer? I am not convinced that it does. It just makes me a talker. But if you are a writer, if you love to write, if it makes your soul come alive to jot down a poem or a short story or to retell a story on paper...you should write today, really. It may have been a while, so give the real world a break, and today remember the little things that bring your soul happiness, like writing, and stop your adult life and write something.

They say men and women actually have so many words a day they need to verbally say out loud. I was blessed with an abundance of words. Ryan was blessed with very few words. And our middle ground is sometimes hard to find. I have 3 million, he has 3 thousand. You do the math.

The media coaches read my blog. Good thing I didn't say anything bad about them! They were nice to us, just in case you were wondering. It was a three hour crash course on how to be good to the media! And my favorite part, how to get out of sticky questions I don't really have a good answer for...I may need that one a lot. We had to to do a mock interview which was pretty funny because the boys were all nervous! And today we each get individual evaluations. I hope I pass.

Well that's all for now. Just checking in. Have a good day.