National Bundt Pan Day

Today is World Kindness Day.
There are all kinds of days. I found them on a website. National Hug a Tree Day. National Dad's Make Dinner Day. National Chicken Lady Day. National Diabetic Eye Awareness Day. I love to Write Day. Twins Day. Left Handed People Day. National Bundt Pan Day. Married to a Scorpio Support Day. Homemade Bread Day. National Pet Cancer Awareness Day. Plan your epitaph day...the ridiculous list goes on and on.

On December 5th you can celebrate National Bathtub Party Day and National Communicate with Your Baby Day. On December 16th you can celebrate Barney and Barbie Backlash Day or National Anything Covered in Chocolate Day.

And this month is a doozie. Next week you can celebrate Have a Bay Day Day and Transgender Remembrance Day, Name your PC Day, and World Television Day, National "AURA" day, and National Hello Day. And you wonder why people have some issues with us as Americans???

I mean, create a day and submit to some website, and it is officially a day. I will create a National Jenny's of America day soon. Be watching for it. And yes, many of you are wondering, does this holiday require a gift? Absolutely. You will buy every Jenny you know a gift on that day.

But today...this is actually a legitimate day to remember or celebrate or whatever. National World Kindness Day, which is sponsored by the Random Acts of Kindness Campaign gives today this definition, "A day for countries around the world to join together and pledge to help make the world a kinder and more compassionate place."

I like this. This morning I woke up, checked my email and had two really sweet, unexpected letters. One from a friend who said that today she was thinking about me and praying for me and just wanted me to know. One from a long time friend who said he had been thinking about the turning point in his life, and had traced it back to me. To my smile. To being his friend and inviting him in and consequently being the agent that led him back to God. And he just wanted to thank me. I was overwhelmed by both. Their kindness changed my entire day. Maybe my entire week.

We forget what a very small action or word on our part can do for someone else. A single act of kindness. A single kind word. Simple. Life-giving.

Do something kind for someone today. For everyone you come in contact with today. Make the world a more kind and compassionate place.