Homeless and Proud

The best compliment I've ever gotten?

One day as I was complaining about our financial situation, I groaned from the bedroom and told Ryan we might as well be homeless. He walks straight into the room, looks at me and says, "Well, you will be the cutest and best homeless wife in the entire world."


"Yeah, you are the most thrifty person I have ever met. You will find the cutest trash from the best neighborhoods and you will decorate our little cardboard box and make it so homey and comfortable and you will invite other homeless people over and have little homeless people parties and you will find the best leftovers and scrap food for us, and we will never be hungry. In fact, you will probably talk normal people into buying us good food, and you will probably talk your way into getting us free stuff for our cardboard house, and you will just be the best homeless wife in the entire world, you would make it happy and make it work for us; if I had to be homeless with anyone, I'd want it to be you."

At which point I started crying.

It was the best compliment I had ever gotten in my life. He thought I was a good homeless person. That I would be able to provide for us and still make our lives happy and fun while we were homeless. He would rather be homeless with me than with anyone else in the world.

I was beaming. Give me a ribbon and a trophy because I am the best homeless wife in the world. Some people's husbands tell them they are a princess, a jewel, an amazing friend, mother, the best wife....I am the best homeless person. And seriously, nothing could mean more to me, for weeks I eyed trash cans and boxes and got carried away in my mind with what I could do with those scraps, and how I could make Ryan proud. A sense of deep accomplishment and honor, a badge or arrow seemed attached to me...BEST HOMELESS WIFE, right here!

Our words go a long way. Today is World Kindness Day. Make someones day, pay them a compliment.