Here's to a Scrambling Quarterback

Why do the Cowboys have a bye week? The one weekend I am home and could enjoy screaming and sweating over the game in my own living room...and we have a bye? Why do they have to take any weeks off at all? Why don't I have season tickets? Why can't I watch T.0. and Jason Witten smile at Tony as they make some fabulous catch or watch Marion Barber drag four defensive players to the ground as he weaves through them or Roy Williams seriously light someone up or Flozell Adams get an off-sides penalty this weekend???

I am a Dallas Cowboys fan, and not one of you pathetic fair weather fans who are all of a sudden loving Tony Romo and our amazing offense when you cursed his existence last year. I am a true fan. I saw his potential last year, I have patiently waited and supported the team as the offense has caught up to our incredible defensive line and we have finally got a coach who the players respond to and a roster of players who can fill about any position they are asked to on the field, I waited patiently for it all...and now I am satisfied that I am a tried and true fan.

I am celebrating my birthday on Nov. 17th (however we are opening for Mercy Me that night, so that weekend is out) I am also celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas, so if anyone feels possessed to get me a gift...I'll take cowboys tickets!!!