Finished...say it again, Finished!

We are finished.

Wait, let me savor this moment......finished. We finished the album.

Song writing began a year ago this month. An entire year. Unbelievable. We have written over 100 songs for this album, have worked with numerous other song writers and artists to brainstorm our ideas and thoughts, and have put our lives into this project for literally an entire year. We have just spent the last two months living with our manager and his wife in their kids bedrooms in Franklin, Tennessee and recording every day with a quirky, creative, brilliant, and passionate producer. And now, we are done.

Is it weird to thank people in a blog? I am not sure, I am a new blogger so I will go ahead and thank a few people because I want to. James at INO, he had a vision for us and gave us all the time in the world to say and create exactly what we needed to say on this album; he was our champion from day one. Who does that? His patience and vision have been amazing to me. Chris, our producer who I described above. He was not just a producer, he took us into his family, brought us to his kids soccer games, cooked meals for us at his house, and on top of that, let the album become personal to him and he poured everything he had into it.

And for me, most important, Mark our publisher. He taught me to wrestle with myself. Wrestle with lyrics. He helped me believe I was a song writer, when I was pretty much convinced that Brittney Spears or Jessica Simpson could write a better song in a heart beat and that I was NOT a real song writer. He pried deep issues out. He picked me up when I had fallen down and given up and pushed me anyways. He taught us to have fun and made us better than we could have imagined. We hated his guts the first time we met him. We kid about this now...he was just too intense, too hard on us. Thank God for that. He is the only publisher I know that will sit down with you in Starbucks for hours and go through every single word of every song with you to make sure it is exactly what you want to say. And he and his wife let us bar-b-que with them and let the boys burn things in his back yard. How can you not love the guy?

Anyways, there are a million other people we owe thanks to, but those are the biggies who have been with us over the last year. Putting up with our complaining and indulging our random, crazy little dreams. We are very lucky. And we are very finished. I know that is not correct grammar, but it's all I got...we are very lucky and we are very finished.

The new Addison Road album, in it's entirety, will be hitting the shelves March 18th! Until then, grab the EP at a show or pre-order the CD online in November and you will get the EP for free! More details about that little offer to come.