Links I LOVE!

Would you love to win 20 FREE ALBUMS on November 15th? Me too! You could win an amazing collection of FREE music and all you have to do is leave a comment (Lord knows this blog family is REALLY good at that!). Just visit the guys who designed my new blog at, and leave a comment telling them who your top three favorite Christian artists on their roster are and you could win 20 incredible albums!


'Lauren the Nanny' also works for Mocha Club! Since I love and fully support the work that Mocha Club does with our brothers and sisters in Africa, and I of course, love Lauren the Nanny, I must recommend that you read her short and sweet blog about life on the road with Addison Road and the work we get to do with Mocha Club along the way. It's a great read, and trust me, my mom gets more pictures of her granddaughter, Annie,  from Lauren than she does from me!  This girl has the inside scoop.


A few weeks ago I was on Natalie Grant's blog looking for a link to her human trafficking ministry, The Home Foundation. While I was there I saw a link to a blog called Inspired To Action: Tips and Tools for Inspired Moms. I went to this amazing website and immediately got lost in it. It was funny and genuine, practical and real... and by that I mean, it looked like a totally official blog by a totally official full-time blogger. "How," I wondered, "Do you become a legitimate blogger like this? This woman is brilliant and I am sure we are best friends!"

I read on in amazement. She has a real blog! This woman is amazing!

Imagine my complete, jaw dropping, surprise when I kept reading past blogs and stumbled upon this entry from Monday October 3rd:

"Addison Road has long been one of my favorite bands. I love their sound, lyrics, and heart. Lead singer, Jenny Simmons, has a brilliant blog, raw with honesty and hope. It’s one of my must reads."

I could not believe it!  That's the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life. She thinks I HAVE A REAL BLOG!

SO Kat.

If you are "the" Kat that has left comments over the past few years on my blog... thank you for your kind words and constant encouragement.  They have meant so much to me. And a huge special thank you for noting my blog on yours and using my favorite song on the new album, Change in the Making, as a part of  Motivation Monday. You have a brilliant blog and I am happy to call myself a devoted new reader!

Happy Third Mother's Day


To all my mom friends reading: I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. I am proud to report that Annie did not bite all day long; making any day even that more special around this joint. If you have a minute, check out my recent article in our church's monthly magazine, Chatter. It's my current take on motherhood. And while you're there... go exploring! The editorial is especially funny, brilliant, and convicting this month and the other stories shared will bring you joy, I promise. No really, I promise, stop working and surf around for a bit!

As with all holidays ladies, remember, it begins at least one full day before and lasts one full day after the ACTUAL day. So don't sell yourself short, Happy Third Mother's Day!