No One Prays For Worm Poop

Have you been on the fence about pre-ordering a copy of my new book, Made Well? Wondering who the book is for, what it’s all about and if it even applies to your life right now? 

If so, let me tell you who this book is for…

Made Well is for anyone on the life-long journey of being made whole—it is for all of us

I tell a story in the book about meeting Jimmy-the-worm-farmer on a particularly horrible day. The prayers I prayed that day weren’t answered in the way I had hoped. But years later, what I remember most, is Jimmy and his unbridled joy for worm poop. I’ve never laughed as hard as I did that day in his tent, on the side of a Montana knoll, dodging a rainstorm with my hands shoved into his giant bag of worm poop. I laughed till I cried. It absolutely wasn't the miracle I prayed for—but it was a miracle all the same.

The truth is, no one prays for worm poop.  

We pray for big, bold miracles. Happily-ever-afters. We pray for God to fix things and make the pain go away. 

But sometimes the pain doesn’t go away overnight and the healing doesn’t happen the way we hope it will. 

Sometimes the broken things remain broken and the miracle we pray for doesn’t come to pass. 

Yet, I believe in the midst of life’s most painful realities, God is at work healing, restoring and making us well in completely unexpected ways. Showing up at just the right moment with worm-poop and other half-baked-miracles. In my life, healing has looked more like good friends and therapists; Zoloft and chicken spaghetti; watching my daughter dance around the living room; sunsets and concert tickets; and remembering that God made me well in the first place—I am his beloved.

Made Well is for anyone who needs to be reminded that healing happens all the time, even if a cure doesn’t. 

This book is an invitation to pay attention to the small moments of grace at work around us. 

It’s about healing for ordinary people in the midst of ordinary life.  

It’s about being made well—here and now.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey.


Click image above to download an exclusive "worm poop" phone wallpaper. :-)

Click image above to download an exclusive "worm poop" phone wallpaper. :-)