24 Hours


Exactly one month ago today I launched a Kickstarter campaign seeking $20,000 to fund the printing and publication of my debut memoir, The Road to Becoming. It was an audacious goal that my husband and I weren't exactly confidant we could achieve. Never in my wildest dreams or boldest prayers did I imagine I would be writing this letter 29 days later to let you know we have raised $52,160!

I am overwhelmed, humbled, grateful and SO EXCITED!

We have surpassed EVERY goal that we set. And most importantly, 434 people have come together to raise enough funds so that we can publish a book, record new music, and give them away!  Because of the generosity of so many, we have the means to set aside 1,000 copies to give away to women coming out of prison, shelters and recovery programs. Women who most need God's love, redemption and HOPE sung over them!

So here we are with only 24 hours remaining and it's not too late to join us. Yes, we have exceeded our goals, but pre-orders on the front end allow us to stretch this money and truly create a book and music with the upmost excellence. So think of this last 24 hours as your final chance to pre-order my new book and EP.

$25 =

  • -Physical copies of BOTH the book and new EP
  • -Free Shipping
  • -Digital downloads of BOTH products
  • -An invitation to a Kickstarter-only, online concert
  • -Behind the scene look as I record this summer and access exclusive book chapters
  • -AND, all pledges are currently being doubled by an anonymous donor!  This means instead of giving away one CD to a woman in prison, shelter, or recovery—I can give away two

This will be the last chance (and lowest price) to pre-order The Road to Becoming and To Be Well: Songs for Healing before they release nationwide in September.  

We'd love to end strong tomorrow with a team of 500 people! Will you join?

Much love!