Video Premiere - This I Know

I am so excited to share the video release of "This I Know" with you guys!  A big thanks to for the premiere of the video. This video was made by yours truly- hope you enjoy it!


Official Press Release:


Solo artist, Jenny Simmons, to release the single This I know, a timeless song based on the beloved children's classic Jesus Loves Me, just in time for summer!

This I Know is a whimsical and infectious tune that draws from the familiar chorus of Jesus Loves Me and dives deep into the heart of anyone struggling with God's free, unmerited grace. It is a perfect follow-up to Addison Road's popular re-make of the children's song, This Little Light of Mine and is already a favorite among fans!

Children and adults of all ages will be drawn to the nostalgic lines of the chorus, but mom's will particularly find themselves drawn to the lyrics in the verses.

"When it comes to being free, I am my own worst enemy. Oh I can, criticize every move I make, I've got a microscope on my mistakes and I steal glory from the one who made me me."

Written by a mom, for moms, this song encourages those of us struggling with self-criticism, guilt and imperfections to internalize and believe the very words we teach our own children.

"Jesus loves me- this I know- and it's not because of anything I've done. This love is unconditional. So at my worst or at my best, you don't love me less, you can't love me more. This I know for sure."

As a mom, I realize I have a huge responsibility to model for my daughter a healthy love and care for myself. When I constantly tear myself down, spend too much time in the mirror or focus too much on the outward mistakes and imperfections, I set an example for my daughter, that what I look like and how well I perform is what defines me. In doing this, I also risk setting an example that God's love is earned, kept or granted in much the same way. This song is a constant reminder for me to ask for God's help believing in my heart, what I profess to be true with my mouth.

You and I- all of our quirks, imperfections, weirdness, silly moments, off days and all, bring a smile to the heart of God. Made for God's glory and in God's image- the Bible indicates that God takes joy and delight in his children. That indeed, He LOVES us!