Solace and Sanity

Some people find solace and sanity in reading a good book, going for a hike, listening to music or being alone. I find solace and sanity in taking pictures of beautiful moments. Just me and my iPhone. Stopping on the side of the road. Hiking up a hill. Staring at a sunset. Memorizing the moment. Smelling it. Breathing it in deeply. Etching it deep into my restless blood. The world is full of beauty. My life is hectic. Taking a few minutes each day to look for the beauty around me settles my soul. Perspective gives birth to humility. Solace and sanity abound when the world is not so small and tightly wound around me. The whole earth whispers and boldly displays the creative, intimate, passionate beauty of God's presence- and in that alone, I find rest.  These are a few of my most recent moments of solace and sanity. [gallery columns="4" ids="2995,3000,3008,2996,2997,3006,2998,3002,2999,3004,3009,3001,3003,3007,3005,3010"]

Where do you find solace and sanity?