Pictures from South Sudan

Just got a copy of the pictures from my trip to South Sudan. I can't stop looking, hoping and praying on behalf of these people.

Annie has taken a huge interest in the kids living in poverty in Africa. Tonight as we were talking in bed about Christmas presents she randomly said, "I know mom! I have a great idea! What if we get lots and lots of washing machines and houses and toys and bring them to the kids in Africa!!!" She was so excited. In her mind it is so easy and simple.

And when I really stop and think about it... I agree. Maybe it is that easy and that simple. Being generous, that is.

It just takes a tiny first step. You can work your way up to washing machines and houses down the road! Read more about the work I am doing with World Concern, see more pictures from my trip and find out how you can be a part of changing this little village that has stolen my heart.