Remembering Pastor Clint Dobson and Light.

This past Christmas I told the story of meeting a family who buried their beloved 28-year-old son, husband, brother, uncle... He was brutally murdered in his small church office where he went everyday to serve as Pastor. Tomorrow the jury will deliver a verdict against his killer.

Wouldn't it be amazing though if the story were taken off the killer and onto The Light that Clint proclaimed through word and deed? Please join me in sending a loud message to Clint's widow, his family, his church and this world... Light is bigger than darkness. Donate to one of 2 memorial funds established in his honor or leave a message of Hope for his family....

from facebook:

Pastor Murdered. Church Secretary brutally beaten and left for dead... both found by the secretary's husband... in the church office where they showed up each day to serve Jesus. Church crushed. Families broken. And this week, the murder trial is coming to an end in a Texas courtroom.

And I have an AMAZING IDEA. What if love wins? What if light boldly outshines the darkness? What if we all come together and send this widow, this family, this church, this world a message that

 LIGHT always WINS. That one man's evil does not define humanity. That God's Love- God's Redemption- God's ability to make beauty from ashes- is the final word.

If you were touched by the life of son, husband, uncle and friend, Pastor Clint Dobson of Northpointe Church in Arlington, Texas, or you just want to join me in telling this family and the world that Light is Brighter than darkness.

Take action.

Consider giving a donation to one of the 2 memorial funds that the family has set up to honor Clint's life: Love God. Love People. That's what the 28-year-old Pastor was all about.

Once you leave a donation, no matter how small, even $5, simply write back, "I Gave" and feel free to leave a note for Clint Dobson's family- we will collect the messages and total of gifts given and share them with his family. Please share this link. No gift is too small to send a message that Light will always trump dark. Always.

Tomorrow, when his killer is sentenced- wouldn't it be amazing if light shines brighter than the darkness?

You can donate to the work World Concern is doing in Lietnhom, South Sudan. Clint's niece, Kate Kirchmer, specifically picked this project... to transform a village in his honor by helping them get clean water. I was just in this village. The work being done in Clint's honor is beautiful.

Or you can help send a student- with a heart for Jesus, like Clint- to seminary.

Please join me. Let LOVE deliver the final verdict.