Jasper the Goat

I have been writing and recording a new, SOLO, album! Finishing up a book that I have been working on for some time now. Advocating for the Southern Sudan village of Lietnhom with World Concern. And trying to keep up with my sweet- slightly deranged- 2 year old Annie. I apologize for my absence here in this place. I will be back shortly.

Until then, enjoy this conversation and audio clip.

Me to my mom: Hi mom. Just calling to say good morning. What are you preaching about this morning? Mom: I'm so glad you called. I was sound asleep and I have to go get my sheep in an hour!!! Me: Sheep? A live one? Mom: Yeah, I rented one for $50 to bring to church with me this morning!!! Me: What??? Who's bringing it to the church? Does your congregation know? It's a really expensive sanctuary, mom. Mom: I'm bringing him to church! I'm putting him in my backseat. They don't know- but they'll know soon! His name is Jasper. He's gonna sit in my lap while I preach.

5 minutes later I get a voice mail. It's Jasper the lamb screaming in my mom's backseat.

I officially have the strangest family in the whole wide world.

Click Below to hear Jasper the lamb-sheep and my crazy mom: