The Way it Should Be


They started off as strangers. Two sets of friends who had never played with one another. They kept their distance and reluctantly accepted the invitation to join.

They decided. They would stay. All four of them, sharing the same space. Strangers with a common goal. Playdoh. Play.

Still, they each operated in their own orbit.

But pretty soon, they forgot their own rules. And there were no walls. It's kind of hard to make Playdoh cupcakes with only one color.

At the end of the day, they left friends.

The Playdoh was mostly unusable, covered with dirt and gravel and mashed together by twenty sticky fingers. And Annie wasn't even playing with them anymore; she was uninterested in all this boy-cupcake business; but that didn't matter to me. Three boys and a little girl shared space together, laughed, played, created, smiled. No division because of politics or religion or money or ethnicity or country or agenda...

Just kids being kids. 

The world...

the way it should be.