hello friends!

I've missed you! I've been doing the camp thing. One week with Lifeway's FUGE camp in Glorieta, New Mexico. And this past week in the beautiful, but terribly dry, Glen Rose, TX with a bunch of crazy Texas kids!

(Side note: if you are headed to Glen Rose, TX anytime soon I highly recommend pie from Pie Peddlers. I would plan on eating at least three slices. In order: Everyberry. Buttermilk. Chocolate meringue. Pie Peddlers is located on the charming historic square and besides the absolutely to die for pies, the retired school teachers who whip up the creations from scratch and greet each customer at the door will make you delightfully happy. Next, head on over to Storiebook Cafe. Storie is the owner- and she's always there reading a book to children, chatting up the locals, or sliding on the wooden bookshelf ladder. She has basically created her own magical kingdom. I should know. I went there three days in a row! And finally, finish off your gluttonous day right. Hammonds BBQ. Just trust me.)

(side note to the side note: I am officially on a diet. I will not eat ribs and pie on the same day ever again. I promise.)

I've posted new pictures from my trips- you know, mostly of clouds and flowers and windmills and Annie- the normal random Jenny stuff! So if you are bored, feel free to browse and leave comments if you like what you see!

All you have to do is click here.

Or follow this link:[email protected]/

I have not forgotten about the music series; camps have just made it a bit hard to get my grown-up work done. So don't worry! I will answer every question that was submitted. Until then, enjoy the new pictures and the update on my homeless friend, Dexter.