Mom Week in Pictures

the art class


the zoo

Annie desperately wants the gorilla to kiss her. She gives the whole lot of them as many kisses as her lips allow. God only knows what kind of germs got into her mouth while she smooched the glass and hoped for contact.

the tent town


the- "my eyes burn" -sunglasses

She wore them every morning while watching Yo Gabba Gabba. She asked for them after she rubbed her eyes, slapped her eyes, pulled her eyelids, and- quite brilliantly- tried putting spit in her eyes. Maybe I should've given her eyedrops or closed the curtains, but it was way too entertaining to watch.  So, after all her other attempts failed- she asked for her sunglasses. Brilliant little bugger.

the mom moments

Well, ok. That moment was just for me. But at the end of a long summer week, every mom needs this kind of moment.

(And husbands, if you can't find one of those for her, I am sure a pedicure, night out, glass of wine, or a "Honey, why don't you go to Barnes and Noble and read for a few hours" would totally suffice.)

What are you doing with your kids this summer?