Best App Ever!

I'll write something real... real soon. I promise. But for now, can I just say that I have fallen in love with an iPhone app that I am quite convinced every iPhone user must absolutely have?!? It's called Camera+.  It's only .99 (cents, that is). Take a picture and then turn it into a work of art in less than a minute.  My favorite effects are under the retro section. I love hipster, toy camera, and lomographic. As far as the borders go, I am a sucker for viewfinder, dark grit, and vintage. The app also allows you to change scenes and lighting, adjust, crop, and offers a more enhanced lens than the one your iPhone camera actually came with.

And if those last two sentences sounded like a foreign language to you: fear not. I am (ashamedly and with no good reason) technologically challenged. But I bought this app hoping to spice up my photography love life and it did the trick. Incredible effects and easy for the- shall we say- feeble in technology (aka, those of us who are 50 light years behind the rest of the world).

Without further ado, new and improved pictures from my iPhone using the greatest app ever, Camera+.