Home Movies

To Izzy in California and Christina in Pompano Beach, Florida... Please, please, please go sit in the sun for me and tell it to hurry up and come back to Texas because I am dying without it! I am jealous of you coastal folks, but happy that somebody, somewhere is having a frost-free day!

To Kara in flood-struck Australia... please invest in a life jacket and remind your husband how amazing spring time in Texas is! On second thought- maybe just remind him about places like California and Pompano Beach, Florida.

And to answer your question: How does one entertain an apartment trapped almost two year old all day? Well, first and foremost I relinquish all prior pre-child knowledge of any books that say T.V. is bad for children. We imbibe on Yo Gabba Gabba, Sesame Street, Wonder Pets, and anything else that seems remotely wholesome for her brain development and social skills. I relinquish control over my thrifty desire to conserve toilet paper. When you are trapped in a small apartment with an almost two-year-old for days on end, sometimes the best thing in the world is to let them run wild with a roll of toilet paper. We read. Work on flash cards. Play doll house, tent, and doll house some more. We pull out all the pots and pans and fill them with water and food coloring so she can see what she is "cooking." And we take multiple baths a day. The entire process of a bath, if properly executed, can kill up to an hour of your day! When I finally hit my breaking... let's be honest, I just feed her. Because feeding her and putting her in front of the T.V. gives me about 30 minutes of sanity. I sit next to her on the couch and fall asleep wondering what it must be like to be the lady with 18 kids? And I wake up to her little voice saying "More golfizzzzz please Mommy!!!!"

And I take an inordinate amount of home videos for the grandparents and guys in the band...

The Good Morning's!

The Cutest Roadie Ever!

Here's to hoping the snow days are almost over...