Yep, that's my family. We are in Albuquerque this week all together for the first time since Annie was born. Yesterday we spent the day at my favorite food place in the whole world, Flying Star Cafe, and ate more desserts than could possibly be good for our teeth and played Mexican Train for a few hours. This was therapy for my soul. These are my sisters and their husbands. Ray, Sarah, Melissa, and Tim. To Sarah's credit... she does a really good ghetto gangster girl face, but in normal pictures she steals the show with her adorable freckles and bubbly smile. Insert adorable freckles and bubbly smile here ______.

This is just one of the many living rooms I have found myself in lately with lots of free baby stuff. Thank you so much for taking care of us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. That sounds so simple in light of everything that has been so freely and joyfully given to us. But, right now, it's all I have.
That is a genuinely excited girl right there...

Hanover, Indiana was beautiful. I could not resist a photo shoot. I don't want to inflate her, but oh my gosh, this girl is beautiful and I am totally in love with her.

Amsterdam Coffee Shop in Paso Robles, California. This is the only place you can buy a single cupcake from the town's local "cupcake lady"... Clementine's Cupcakes. The coffee is great. The tea is amazing. The wide open windows that make you feel like you are halfway on the sidewalk and halfway in Amsterdam itself are terribly enchanting. But the single cupcakes from the cupcake lady are the main reason you should visit this place. Trust me. This red velvet is to die for.

And yes, we did get to eat at the Sequoia Sandwich Company in Bakersfield, California. And yes, it was amazing. And yes, that whole spread was just for me! Homemade chicken noodle soup, turkey sandwich with avocado, and the biggest most ginormous sugar cookie in the whole wide world! It took me about an hour to eat this meal... but Annie was holding a man conference so I had time to kill.

And I can't leave out Dreamland BBQ in Montgomery, Alabama. Look, if they put the bib on for you, you know it's gonna be a good day. One day I will be looking for a real job. I hope when that day comes, the Food Network will pick me up as an extra. I will be the creepy girl in every picture being way too excited about what she is eating and giving some sort of thumbs up to the crowd.

Life has been so serious lately. Please bare with me while I decompress and simply show pictures. Pictures make me happy.