Thank You Thank you Thank You Thank You Thank You ...

I mean, I don't even know where to begin.

Of course there are a dozen small miracles to tell you about and amazing stories of how God has totally taken care of us over the past five days, but it's hard to find an appropriate starting place. It's been like five days of Christmas or Oprah's Favorite Things or five days of perpetual winnings in Bingo or Bunko or Clunko or whatever all those fun games are called that I never win anything in.
I went to the bathroom in the LAX airport this morning and the seat was up and there was a bunch of blue, sparkly, bubbly stuff smiling at me from that toilet bowl and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was the first one to pull down the toilet seat and use it for the day and my germ-a-phobic-bathroom-booty- gun-shy self let out an audible, "YEEES!" because I knew I didn't have to squat. I knew I was the first one on that pot. And it was the greatest way to start my day ever.
Right now it's the small things in life that are making us happy and keeping us going.
I want to give some thank yous and quick stories.
To our dear friends Jimmy Mac and Lori in Las Vegas for coming out to the show even though they were tired. For realizing that the reason they were at the show was because they felt like God wanted them there to take care of us when we found out we had lost everything. And for taking Ryan, Annie, and I on a TJ Maxx shopping spree the next morning to replace our most basic essentials like undies, jeans, shoes, and clothes for Annie! They gave each of us a shopping buggy and when Ryan and I came back with about two or three things in it, Jimmy said, "Now it's none of my business but I'm pretty sure you didn't bring all your boxers and unmentionables to the gig last night and I don't see any in that buggy... you people need to go back and fill it up. I don't want to see you until that buggy is full." They laughed with us. Loved on our baby. And sent us on the road with, you know... unmentionables.
To the man at the front desk who had no idea what a HELL of a day we had on Friday, but randomly decided to upgrade Ryan and I to the penthouse suite of the Palace Station hotel! We could not help but laugh at the irony. Everything we own has been destroyed today. And back home we have two cars that don't work, a bunch of hospital bills, the IRS hounding us for self-employment taxes and here we are in a 1600 square foot penthouse with 30 foot long floor to ceiling windows, a guest bathroom, a jacuzzi, doorbell, 60 something inch TV, and a shower with a steamer in it overlooking the Las Vegas strip. If they only knew...
To Lyndi Hagen and her son Josh (oh forgive me, I think that is his name!) for showing up to our Las Vegas hotel the next morning with a HUGE bag full of Mary Kay products, because, as she said, "I don't care what happens to you, you still have to feel like a girl." A woman after my own heart. I know that she gave beyond her means. She gave sacrificially from her heart and that meant more to me than anything else. It would be AMAZING if some of you ladies out there would bless her in return by placing your next skin care, make-up order with her. She would be totally surprised and she deserves it. She is a beautiful mom working hard to raise her two sons and at the same time blessing someone above and beyond. If you use Mary Kay or just want to try something out to bless one of my new friends... please, please place your next order with her. Simply order online at:
To Jeff and Angie Bevel who were at the Las Vegas show with their daughters and offered to give us some of their own babies' clothes. She literally went home, washed the clothes, and met us at TJ Maxx the next morning with a huge bag of the most cutest, amazingest, designer baby clothes I have ever seen!!! Seriously, Annie has been styling all week in the best little outfits ever made. And I had to think, this is what Jesus would have done. Not simply given his leftovers. His old clothes that were out of style or dirty or useless... but he would've shown us what it meant to give our best. And that's what they did, literally took their daughter's cutest outfits and gave them to our baby girl. Thank you for not giving your leftovers, but the very thing you would want to dress your little girl in. On the way out their brother gave us an envelope full of cash.
To Connie and her daughter Jenny in Las Vegas who literally met us off the highway and filled our car with diapers, wipes, clothes, cheerios, and money.
To Yasmin and Katherine from Paso Robles who sent out a facebook request for baby items and came back with an ENTIRE van full of toys, clothes, books, DVD's, a brand new boppy, baby monitor, medicine, and everything else under the moon. They drove around all morning collecting things for us and then drove another hour to bring us the items and watched Annie while I sorted. Not only did we replace everything Annie needed, but we also made an entire stack of clothes and baby goods for our guitar player Ryan Gregg and his wife who are expecting their first baby girl in June! Katherine, who is in the third grade, was a little bummed the night before because all her friends were able to affords the expensive tickets that included a meet and greet and private concert. Yasmin told me that katherine said in the car, "Mom, this is so cool. This is exactly what we talked about in church. How one person can make a difference. We are able to help them by just asking and collecting things. That is so cool... and I bet all those other kids didn't get to play with her baby." This made me smile. Not only did they bless us, but in His own way and timing, God gave this little girl a very special blessing herself. How cool is that.
And finally to Scott and Happy Saunders who went through their closets and picked out their coolest clothes so that we could have stage clothes. Their goal was to try and get clothes that "looked like our style." I got my first ever (and probably last!) pair of Kenneth Cole boots. An Abercrombie coat. Things I would have never been able to afford. Happy said that there were a million reasons she could think of to keep these incredible wardrobe pieces, but she knew she was called to give us her best. Again, I am just simply amazed. Scott gave the guys a private gift that was above and beyond what we could have ever imagined. When he found out that we didn't even need what he felt called to give us, he said, "You know what, God has still told me to. I think he just wants you to know that you are going to be taken care of above and beyond what you could ever need or ask for."
There have been, literally, a hundred other people step in the gap. This is just the beginning of the thank you's...
Wherever you find yourself today, remember that people are good. God is faithful.