Don't make me go there...

I am in a16 passenger van driving to Odessa, Texas. Four boys, one girl friend, and a baby who has been saying da da da da at the top of her lungs for about ten minutes straight.

When you are driving through flat, brown, petroluem smelling no mans land ten minutes feels like waiting on Christmas when you are six years old... Excruciatingly long and torturous.

So I checked my blog to see how many people have given $10 to help the Bizaillion family.


Now I can write this because I don't actually have to see you or please you (and please know that I am doing this of my own accord and not at the request of her family... I don't even know her!)

But come on people, don't make me start naming names!

Some of you genuinely cannot spare $10 and I have been there, I understand completely. Your best way to bless others right now is through prayer, encouragement, or just to be a listening ear.

But there are a whole lot of you on here who have $10 bucks, and Paul Allen, don't make me start naming names (and NO Annie doesn't need a sister).

Look people, you show up on my little google thingy. You can't hide. I know you're reading even if you're a blurker or an email reader, and I know many of you way too well to excuse you from not handing over ten bucks :) I'm not letting you off the hook that easily!!! Pick up your stupid credit card and type in the info!!! Or send me a check, I'll get it to the family.

I've been to your houses, second houses, your lake houses, ski houses, ranch houses, your beautiful weddings, and your well to do churches. No excuses people, drop a ten or twenty or hundred!!!! Right now!!!! Get off the computer, take our little card out, and send this family some money. It's safe, secure, and a tangible. It's one way we can be human and real to this utterly exhausted and hurting family.

They need $600 to fly family members home (or a private plane please), and Jenny has undergone extensive surgery for amputation, numerous procedures and tests, she is on day 15 of being in the hospital and there is no health insurance. That is huge people.

I love all you peeps, but I need more people to give money or I will start calling names, going down the list, asking for donations at your door :)

Baby lists are coming tonight...
Happy weekend...
Stop reading and go give $10
Not kidding
Dad? Aunt Tata? Chelsea? Scott Hoffmeyer?
Don't make me do it people :)

I love you guys, all of you are beautiful people and I am proud of the way you touch your worlds.

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