Wet my Whistle Wednesday

Though there is no food on this table, you can see the remnants of the food in our satisfied smiles! We just got through woofing down milkshakes, onion rings, and chili cheese dogs in Nassau, Bahamas. Here's the deal though; I can't stand it when I am in other countries and hear Americans talk about their disdain for the food options. They turn up their noses and search desperately for a McDonald's and I feel the urge to apologize to the people around me for their ungracious behavior. If you don't like their food, don't go to their country. So as a rule, I try to eat true to the culture that I am in. I'm not very adventurous, but if I have to eat it, I while try and do so with an open mind and a smile on my face. And if I can, I'd much rather eat local than any chair restaurant, much less chain restaurant. This rule, of course, doesn't apply to any country that might have a Johnny Rocket's. It's sort of a tradition. Ryan and I have an uncanny knack for finding Johnny Rocket's on our international escapades.

Dessert at The Coffee District in Delray Beach, Florida with my friend Jillian. OK, this is one of the best carrot cakes I have ever had. It is seven layers of heaven! This coffee shop specializes in imported, quirky, rare and locally brewed beers and wine as well as homemade desserts and, oh yeah, really amazing coffee! With a cute table on a wide sidewalk outside, a great breeze, and people walking their dogs, this posh neighborhood coffee shop is one of my new favorites. (And I do mean posh: I saw two brand-new Bentley's. Enough said.)

While we were in Delray, Florida playing for Spirit Festival, one of the supporters of the event let me try his TO DIE FOR, international award winning ribs. Please forgive the tragic looking picture with the girl who is way too excited to be eating the dead carcass of an animal... but oh my gosh, if you love ribs, this man caters. I told him from the get go that I was a Texas girl with a pretty high standard for BBQ. He later asked if it was OK for a Texas girl. Um, yes. can you please bring your little BBQ truck here? Please? You can check him out at www.celiotsbbq.com where he says his guiding principle is, "Barbeque is happiness."

As I write down these descriptions, it is truly astounding that I am not 1200 pounds. Man, I promise it just sounds like I eat a lot. Surely I don't really love food this much, do I? Anyways, this is a perfect french pastry (with a big price tag: $7.00) that I found in Louisville, Kentucky at the Uptown Cafe on Bardstown street. I went from the Kentucky flea market which was, um... special; to this really cool, eclectic crazy street called Bardstown. It was like a different world. Vintage record and clothes stores. Cafes. Old houses. Book stores. And meditation centers. Wow. So Ryan and I ended up here, and their dessert table was all the motivation I needed to skip lunch and go straight to dessert.

How can you resist something like that? And, I'd like to point out that the bottom right corner that is missing from the Napoleon pastry was ALL mine. And yes, I ate every bite.
Wet my Whistle Wednesday
So as I come across amazing restaurants or special culinary creations (chosen by a girl who still thinks Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is a perfectly classy side dish for almost any meal) I will try and pass them your way. And while we are talking about food, what started out to be a funny blog my friend Bryan wrote about a slice of chocolate cake quickly left me deeply, achingly, tenderly moved to tears. It is perhaps one of the best things I have read, ever. So if you want to read something beautiful and funny and witty and you need a good cry... click here and head his way. And as always, make sure you leave him a comment!
Happy Hump Day from your friend, the foodie