Cutest Alien Baby in the World!

Of course every mom believes their baby is the cutest baby in the world, even if their baby is scary looking. Like the scary baby episode of Seinfeld. Anyone?
Babies are like guys. They can be ugly, but the longer you are around them, the more their personality outshines their beer belly or hairy back or uneven nostrils that have nose hairs sticking out. A baby can have an alien head, crossed eyes, and constantly smell like a garbage can, but as soon as they say 'mama' and start with the cooing and gurgle noises they are no longer aliens; suddenly they are cute. This is a bizarre phenomenon, isn't it? Thank God personality trumps looks.
So her she is... my little alien baby. I'm going to send her picture into Regis and Kelly's cute baby contest this week (the winner gets $125,000 college scholarship and lifetime Gerber products which would mean Annie will be eating pureed sweat potatoes until she turns 18).
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