Today I...

Cut my own hair with my arts-n-crafts scissors. Yeah...I took off a little more than I intended. And no, I have no idea how to cut hair. And yes, I am celebrating the recession by learning. And no, this time did not go so well. And yes, I believe that practice will make perfect... that is if Ryan doesn't kill me first. He thinks my hair-cutting-episodes are, and I quote: disaster.
Taught Annie Boo how to sit up. 

I also dressed her in these pajamas that are entirely too big for her because I can no longer resist. They are so stinking cute. And really, why should I have to suffer because my 4-month-old, eleven pound baby does not fit into any of her 4-month-old clothes?  Is it my fault she is so tiny that most women utter a small gasp when they find out she is not an infant? And why do they do this gaspy thing? She is wide eyed and bushy tailed. What kind of weird infant is alert and babbling? Have they had real babies? Of course she's not a newborn. And don't they know their comments freak me out? What is wrong with your baby??? She is freakishly small!
But, do not be concerned. I took her to the doctor two weeks ago and when she asked me why we came in, I said, "well, look at her... there's something not right." To which she replied, "She's just petite, you tell all those other moms their babies are just big headed." Then she tried to leave the room, as if that were all I needed to hear. Seriously? That's something my mom would say after a bully hurt my feelings. That is not medical. I want big words and worst case scenarios. I want the red book medical diagnosis.  I have already paid my $25 co-pay. I want $25 worth of work done. 
So I had her inspect everything. 
Her ears. Her nose. The strange white-ish lump on her ribs. The suspiciously soft spot on her head. Her teeth or lack there-of.  And her spine. It feels lopsided to me. 
Today I worked on song lyrics for the new album. We sat down with two songs that were completely written and made some small tweaks. It took five hours. Five hours. I wanted to poke my eyeballs out. Travis and Ryan Gregg were teetering on the edge of a mental break-down. And then, when we were stuck on one line, one word, one terrible, pesky little word... we saw an ant crawl into my computer. Then another. And another. 
The guys were convinced I was hiding food in my lap or perhaps, in my computer. They went on with this little joke for quite a while. Comparing me to the splunky junior high kid that hides a nasty stash of Cheetos, Little Debbies, and a Mountain Dew in their sleeping bag to eat after "lights out." I am a lady. Not cookie monster. They did not agree. 
Then I saw the ants crawling on Ryan's computer. I am sure this is where they originated. I called him a germ. Ryan, that is, not the ants. Germ. That's what I called him the rest of the day. We talked about how we hated ants and wondered what purpose they serve. Took a 10 minute sunshine break. And then pressed on... for two more hours. 
So glad you guys are fans of Tough Topic Tuesdays. I loved reading your responses... and I am already working on next week. If you haven't taken a minute to read people's thoughts, I encourage you to do so. It's like going to school. For free. I already feel smarter. Really. This is great. Happy Thursday.