11 a.m. tomorrow

I am meeting Elda tomorrow morning to bring her all of these incredibly fun gifts for her new baby girl! Can you believe how much we've collected in just a few days? It's like an entire baby shower!

Thanks to my girlfriends here in town who collected some of their baby things for this family! If you are in the area and would like to collect some of your old baby things to give away, I will gladly take them and deliver them to Elda (or another family). And thank you to Angela from San Antonio for sending in such a sweet note and Target gift-card for Elda. I know your words will bless her. As I continue to receive gift cards, I will update the blog so you will know your gift made it to Texas!

And as a reminder (for people like my dad...who are afraid that I will be murdered, or worse, taken advantage of by a con artist, lazy person, or co-dependent :)) when I meet people who need help, I do my own "vetting." Tomorrow I will meet Elda with a trusted friend. We will pray that God gives us wisdom as we listen and discern her situation and in turn, that He will guide us to help her in the appropriate ways with compassion and generosity.

But at the end of the day, if you or I are duped, taken advantage of, or used, we do so willingly knowing that... not everyone is out to dupe, take advantage of, or use others.

We know this, because we have been there. We know that life can be hard and sometimes we need help. Or like Elda, we can chose to make courageous steps of faith that require us to sacrifice much, and then, we need help. Or, we make poor choices, we mess up, and we need grace to be there for us as we are picked up, brushed off, and set back on the right path. At the end of the day I am not the judge of someones story, nor am I the author of justice, I am just a grace giver.

Because I have been given grace. Abundant, amazing grace.

Pray for my friend and I as we meet Elda in the morning!