The crying baby.

The corn field in Iowa. 

The play time with the crying baby in the corn field in Iowa.

The happy baby once again. 

"She's so nice she'd give you the hat right off her head"...
well she did. 
I met Pam on Friday and told her I loved her hat. She came back Sunday morning and gave it to me! As all fashionistas know, the perfect hat is hard to find. This gift was so thoughtful and of course in the world of hats... a sacrificial parting.  The world is full of amazing people. Thanks for being one of them Pam. You really made my day and I will wear this hat out! 

And what summer trip would be complete without some fun in the pool? This is Annie after her first time swimming! 

Hope you all had a great weekend. We are home for the next two weeks and I am so excited to have a break. I might get bored so...
If you are a new reader or an old reader with an itching question that I have yet to answer, send them my way! Whether it's Dallas Cowboy football predictions, questions about current events, songwriting, faith, or just questions about the squirrel, our family, and my very troubled- over-active brain... I'd love to hear from you and attempt to answer  any questions you might throw my way this week! This will be a fun experiment. Happy question writing and Happy Monday. 
love you guys, jenny