We Will Stand Up For You

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There is something going on today that tends to get overlooked. Today is International Justice Day. Our friends at Mocha Club have put together a really powerful video about why it’s important for us to remember this day. As a band this is something we think is important. We believe that it is our responsibility to stand up for those in need. Your responsibility, my responsibility, ours. We will stand up.

So please take a few minutes and watch the video above.

Also, our friends at Mocha Club are launching a new website. It’s an incredible site and we would love for you guys to check it out. Addison Road really belives in the vision of Mocha Club. It’s a way for you to stand up and make a difference. To be a voice. To promote justice.

If you would like to join the Addison Road Mocha Club Team (and get a free AR cd for signing up) click here.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to look at all of this. Help spread the word and happy International Justice Day to you!