Pictures from my phone...

Before I divulge the madness of the last few days, here are some pictures. Of course, I chose my hospital based on the fact that it had a state-of-the-art dinning experience with a well known chef. Have you ever seen pancakes this big? I keep hoping I will have to go back for some strange abnormality (in me, not Anniston), just so I can order these pancakes again. 

Anniston and Grandma. Not the best light, but they were so cute. Look at those long legs! She looks like a little frog. And she is making noises right now in her room, and sounds like a squeaky screen door mixed with a little farm animal. It is adorable. 
Mom has saved my life. Thank God for my mom, I may have actually physically died without her the last 5 days. Everyone else is in love with Anniston and wants to hold her, but mom calls me her "little Anniston" and she takes care of me. Anniston needs lots of love. But let's be honest, I need more. My nipples are about to fall off, I am leaking things from all areas of my body, I have a huge incision in my stomach, it hurts to go to the bathroom, I am deliriously tired (well, not today, but I have been) it hurts to walk, laugh, eat, sneeze, and emotionally I am a train wreck... I still look 6 months pregnant. I swear there has to be another baby in there. I was so unprepared for a c-section. In the midst of this though, my mom has taken care of me. Ryan has taken care of me. And because of this... I can actually take care of my little precious person. I'm worried about mom leaving. I wonder if I can do the 4 feedings and diaper changes a night without her? Ryan does days. Mom does nights. We have a good system going. But I am also ready for the challenge. To be a little family of three. We can do it... we can do it... we can do it...
We tried to bring her home in this outfit, but she's a little tiny thing! Everything sort of looks like a potato sack on her. Which makes her even more adorable. Ryan is holding her in this picture. More on him later, but can I just say, what a man? He is perfect. And he is so perfect with her. I am not sure who I am more in love with. 
Me and Annie Boo in the hospital. I know I am biased. I know. But seriously, she is the most beautiful little creature in the entire world. I am completely head over heels in love with her. 
For those of you who want the "scoop" on how the week went down, check back later today or tomorrow for the whole story. And to all of you, thank you. For the e-mails, phone calls, comments, sweet gifts, prayers, encouragement, everything. You are all such good friends... near or far. I have never experienced so much love in my life.