Ryan's Birthday

Ryan's birthday was Friday and we spent the day at American Airlines center... I totally neglected this 29 year celebration point and I have been feeling guilt ever since! So today his family came over to the new house for a late celebration. Ila, my mother-in-law, made me a chocolate pie with extra whipped cream on top. I told her I had a dream about eating an entire chocolate pie at her house the other night and then, like the pie fairy, she shows up with not only a 3- tier birthday cake but my very own magical dish. Super mom? Yes, I am pretty sure of it.  

But first, we met everyone for pizza at our favorite neighborhood joint. When we pulled up it looked like a media zoo. A tent, cameras, lots of men in sunglasses. At first I thought maybe good ole' George Bush was there doing something, but it was way, way, WAY better than that. Check it out, my very favorite FOX commentator, NFL Hall of Famer,  and Dallas Cowboy for life... Troy Aikman. Forget Ryan, Happy Birthday Me! 

Actually it was Wingstop's 10th Birthday. They had free wings, fries, Cowboys Cheerleaders, and their spokesman, Troy. And don't feel too bad for Ryan, he was just as excited as I was, except he was way less creepy about it!  
Good day to celebrate birthdays! And speaking of birthdays, it will still be a while before this little girl arrives. I went to the doctor this morning and here is the newest report:
2 centimeters dilated
80% effaced
I've lost 4 pounds and my blood pressure has dropped by 15 points into the 70's simply by getting off the road and putting my feet up! 
 Annie weighs about 6.5 pounds now...
And apparently she loves Troy Aikman too! She was kicking away, so I've got a little Cowboy fan on my hands. And that makes me happy.