Day 3 Shout-Outs!

Snaps To...

Billings, Montana. I am willing to bet there is something in the water there that makes those people exceptionally chatty, kind, and happy! Met some of the nicest people in the country while we were there. Thanks Montana people. 
Horizon Airlines. They still give you a lovely snack bag of gold fish and have an ample, unique supply of drinks. Including a featured drink of the month (this month was Red Bull, and a local Washington state wine) and Jones soda! You can also find pillows and blankets on board. And all of those are still free! This is rare! 
Target on Main Street in Billings, Montana. You know my true love and affection for Target. Not only do I try Mexican food in every state, but I also go to a Target in almost every city I visit. This, my friends, is the cleanest, most organized, competent, lovely Target in America. 
SilverCloud Hotels. Local owners run this amazing small chain of hotels in the Northeast. I love it because they have Aveda bath products. Amazing showers. And big squishy beds with lots of pillows and like a 50 inch flat screen in each room. Expensive? We were surprised to get it on Hotwire for about $60 a night! And it was right across the street from the Mariners stadium. 
Apples. Not the computer, the fruit. There's something about being in the Northwest. Every time I eat an apple or really any berry or a piece of fish I am convinced it has come straight from the orchard or the sea. Please, don't crush this illusion of mine. I pick up an apple here and I know it has only been off the tree for hours. I will always chose to believe this. The best apples ever come from Washington state.  
My sparkly gold Toms shoes. My mother-in-law bought these for me at Christmas and I am in love with them. Mainly because they are the only shoes that have grown with me. Not only are the comfy, durable, and trendy... they make you feel good about yourself by expanding when, you know, they need to do some expanding! 
All of you Road Show watchers! If you can't make it out to the tour, you can always watch a live feed each night from your home. Just go to You can watch for free and talk to many of the artists in the chat room. Ok, you can talk to most of our moms in the chat room. 
My husband. He's driving me insane. And even though I feel like I have to take a deep breath before we talk each time, somewhere inside of me,  it makes me smile. You think Mama bears are protective? Don't cross my husband. This guy won't let me walk down a hallway without giving me grief about my swollen ankles or about not elevating my feet. He won't let me stop and talk to anyone and he shuttles me around like I am on my deathbed. I don't even carry my own purse anymore! It would be soooo easy to take advantage of this outpouring of attention. I am trying not to though. I've just never been so overly protected before. He told me before the tour started several things he really wanted to hold to. One of those things is going to the hotel when I am finished performing instead of staying around to meet people and sign autographs at the end of the night. This is torturous for me. I am trying to sneak away and meet people every chance I get, but it's like he has 12 eyes watching me. He always knows. And he comes and drags me away like a little kid. It's annoying. 
But it's really pretty cute. And honestly, while my body would trudge its way through... I can't wait to go to the hotel and get in that bed. It sounds divine. He is doing what is best for me when I can't force myself to do it for my own good. That's real love I think. At least a small part of it.